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About Us

Find the people who make entertainment a force for good in the world

At 5V Video we’re masters at scaling teams in cutting-edge tech across the video technology industry. The teams we build are creating technology that is enriching the lives of consumers across the world and pioneering the ways in which we access video content.

Our five values are the foundation for how we engage with our partners. They help us to be entirely centered around their needs and goals…

What we stand for.

Fight your biases
The more diverse our teams, the more experiences and points of view we’ll hear. If we want to hear new ideas, we need to listen to everyone. And to do that, we need to fight against our biases.
Put the planet before profit
If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. Sure, no single person can fix the planet by themselves. But we can make sure that every decision we make takes us one step closer.
Listen before you talk
We have two ears and one mouth. So, we should listen twice as much as we speak. When we listen, we can find out how to make people happier in their roles, discover new ideas and learn how to improve. Listening and then reflecting is the only way to grow. As people and as a business
Follow through with ideas
It’s easy to say you’re going to do good things. It’s not so easy to actually do them. So we follow through. We walk the walk. And we never just pay lip service. That includes making sure we always follow these values
Put people first
People are at the heart of our business. We need to focus on their long-term health. Their life is not just a short-term goal. If someone needs a hand, we offer it. And when things go wrong, we don’t point fingers. We help the person through it.

Our specialisms

Our core areas...

Full Stack Development

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Mobile Development

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Embedded Development

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QA Testing

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Cloud Engineering

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How we work


A partnership that protects your brand and helps secure the best talent


Hiring with ease. Fast fulfillment of your specific requirements, precisely when you need them


Maximise team potential - we provide short term resource, to ensure you reach your objectives


Secure the right talent to nurture the long term health of your business


(Statement of Work) Deliver your projects on time with clear milestones, a fully managed process and solutions expertise


Work with confidence and confidentiality to secure key hires for your business


(Recruitment Process Outsourcing) - Save time and resource. We manage all end-to-end aspects of recruitment, delivering top-quality talent for your business

Executive Search

A bespoke consultative solution to secure you the industry leaders your business needs

Our Solutions

Our partners benefit from exclusive access to our solutions suite, which has been built to alleviate the pain points of hiring. Helping our partners secure talent more effectively – cutting their time to hire and reducing their hiring costs…

The Subscription Solution

Our Subscription Solution allows you to hire without limits, at just one fixed monthly fee, eliminating multiple invoices and reducing your cost per hire.

We can work as an extension to your talent team – we will provide dedicated consultants who will work exclusively to help you attract the best people for your business.

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The Faultless Solution

Achieve a perfect hire from the start and avoid the costs of a bad hire with The Faultless Solution. 

This service offers the option to bring on board a new team member through a permanent appointment, with our organisation providing full support to ensure a swift and high-quality hiring process. Our partners are also able to use this service on a Fixed Term Contract basis.

Our partners have successfully retained 97.8% of the candidates hired through this service, and many of these individuals have become valuable members of their respective teams. 

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Our partnerships

We've scaled teams for...

Case Studies

Strengthening projects in the multi-national mass media market

5V Video partnered with Warner Media in late 2019 to provide support on the React Native NPM Package project. The aim of this project was to build a team of React Native developers with experience with C++ to solidify the core engine of the HBO streaming application which was a C++ engine wrapped in React Native. 

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Supporting streaming platform growth in Europe

5V Video built a partnership with Sky. Supporting the business across a variety of projects and technology stacks from Embedded Devices, mobile applications, streaming platforms, QA/Test teams for Set-Top-Boxes, smart TVs and streaming platforms...

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Streamlining hiring processes and growth in Europe

One of our US partners - HBO, needed to expand their teams internationally, in Europe. Through an initial scoping call involving various stakeholders from across the development teams, 5V Video was able to provide a comprehensive solution that included sourcing, interviewing, onboarding, and managing consultants across multiple European countries. Our extensive experience in UAT and End to End testing enabled us to support the rollout testing, billing, and subscription, and user functionality aspects of the application.

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